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  • To find out if we currently have anything for sale, please call: 

    Joe: 216-536-7551 -or- Jim: 304-651-7718  

  • All of our dogs are bred the same, with the same bloodlines used to produce them, some being in different sequences, but still all the same. And all being AKC Reg.  
  • All litters consist of 3/4 of old “line bred” Dingus Macrae with approx. 1/8 Indian Hill & Yellow Creek.
  • The pups are Tri Color, will be approx. 14” to 14 ¾ tall, above average nose, good line, very aggressive hunt & with a 7/8 on “my” scale of 1-10.
  •   Buyer is responsible for pickup and/or delivery of the purchased pup. We are located just outside of “Summersville, WV” and with dogs/pups being located in Cleveland, Ohio 

Here is contact information for some other reputable breeders that may have what you’re looking for. These are breeders that are “upfront” and honest and are men {& women}  of their word.

Alamo Creek Beagles   -  Mike Oszust - 330-627-2422 - Carrollton, Ohio   

“Based on:  Yellow Creek” 

Style:  AKC: Deep South, UBGF … ARHA: Progressive Pack … UKC: Performance Pack

 Jady’s Beagles  -  Paul Richardson - 502-592-2726 - Louisville, KY

“Based on:  Dingus/ Indian Hills/ Yellow Creek”  

Style:  AKC: Mid-West … ARHA: Little Pack … UKC: Hunting Beagle

Talk-To-Me Beagles  -  Anthony Taylor - 816-617-1449 - Kansas City, MO

“Based on:  Dingus/ Indian Hills/ Yellow Creek/ Gay Baker”

Style:  AKC: Mid-West … ARHA: Little Pack … UKC: Hunting Beagle

Depending on the particular cross, could also produce: AKC: Deep South, UBGF … ARHA: Progressive Pack … UKC: Performance Pack

Buckley Hollow Beagles  -  Scott Spencer -  417-860-0927  -  Missouri

“Based on:  Dingus/ Indian Hills/ Yellow Creek”

Style:  AKC: Mid-West … ARHA: Little Pack … UKC: Hunting Beagle

Phalco’s Beagles  -  Kevin Holland - 270-302-1520 - Hartford, KY

“Based on:  Dingus/ Indian Hills/ Ranger Dan”

Style:  AKC: Mid-West … ARHA: Little Pack … UKC: Hunting Beagle

Light-Em-Up Beagles  -  Arthur Lynn -  865-803-3195  &  Ellis Lynn -  865-254-1368  -  Maryville, TN

“Based on:  Dingus/ Indian Hills/ Yellow Creek”

Style:  AKC: Mid-West … ARHA: Little Pack … UKC: Hunting Beagle

Also, occasionally we have a change of circumstance with the buyers and they are unable to get their puppy as planned. Their pup would be available. People that use our males for stud often have a few pups in their litters that they may sell, please contact us for more information.

Most of our pups are spoken for in advance. If you would like to be placed on our list, please contact us. Our pups nine months and under are priced at a range from $200.00 to $400.00. Depending on age and their progress in the field. Our prices are for the price of the pup only. The buyer is responsible for the pick-up or shipping arrangements. All our pups are AKC Registered, up to date with vaccinations and deworming.

The pups you get will be 14”–to-15” at full maturity. They will be tri-color {some occasionally with a few ticks}. They will have long ears with a “houndy” box head. Their Hunt & Jumping Ability will be extreme. Their line control will be good. Their speed will be fast. They will have {more than the average} common sense/brains, meaning they are very aware of their surroundings and are “rabbit wise”. They handle very well in the field. They are very “bold” dogs, they are not timid or shy. Our dogs have been selectively linebred over the years to the point that we know in advance the looks, hunt, running ability, speed, nose, personality and how they will handle in the field while the pups are still in their mother’s womb. These pups will produce the same as long as they are bred wisely.

We rarely sell adults over three years old. There is a reason why people sell dogs at that age. We don’t expect a person to pay good money for our culls. Usually when you buy a dog at that age it is exactly what you are going to get, a cull. Although, I realize there are special circumstances. When you buy any dog or pup from us you will know all we know about the dog. No exaggerations and we won’t withhold anything. You will know exactly what you are getting.

We breed out of necessity and to better the breed. We don’t breed for profit or gain. We consider ourselves to be privileged, blessed and very fortunate to have come in contact and to have our paths cross with other breeders that have this philosophy, that were unselfish and willing to be honest. Breeders with principals, integrity, pure motives and having the intentions to better the breed of the hunting beagle, going the extra mile to be fair with others. We learned along time ago through trial and error that the quality in a beagle is not determined by how many names are in red ink in it's pedigree. The quality in a breeder is not how high priced his pups are. HG Wells once said, “Advertisement is legalized lying”. The “you get what you pay for” philosophy does not apply in today’s sport of beagling. Whether you are buying a dog or seeking to render services for your dogs for any reason. There are many great kennels and fair breeders; however, we do feel many have adopted beagling and rendering services to beaglers as a means to capitalize and gain profit {to the extreme}, replacing the pure motive to better the hunting beagle and having the privilege to partake in the great sport of beagling. Though dedication and hard work deserves to be rewarded, bogus priorities and motives do not. We see no reason to ask unreasonable prices for our hounds when we know exactly how much it costs to raise a litter. It costs the same amount to raise a litter of great prospects as it does a litter of mongrels, why not do it right and be fair to our fellow beaglers. Three thoughts; Priorities, Motives and Intentions. Is it to better the breed of the hunting beagle?

God Bless & Good Luck 

Suggestion: Whether you are buying a pup or older dog from Laneline or anybody else, request that you see the dog or the pup’s parents that you are buying in the field to view solo. If in 15 minutes the dog’s tail is not bloody and you do not see a desire to search and find promising cover of a rabbit and eagerness to explore it, regardless of hazards or discomfort. Regardless if it is hot, cold, dry, wet, in thick thorny brush or an open field, a dog must have the desire to adapt and still hunt. If you don’t see this, Walk away! ·       

If and when you jump a rabbit, nose & trailing ability is shown by a proficiency for keeping control of the trail while making the most accurate forward progress in the shortest amount of time.  Remember this, “a rabbit should be passionately pursued to catch with the intent to destroy, rather than just half heartedly followed with the intent to play with as a toy”. A beagle’s actions should clearly, passionately, outwardly indicate a determined effort to make forward progress to the surest, most sensible and productive manner by adjusting speed to correspond to conditions and circumstances, proving that the dog not only has foot but also a nose and  brains/intelligence. Very simple, if the pup's parents cannot circle a rabbit on their own, Walk Away!

If you have a Laneline dog, please sign our guest book and let us know of it's progression. Also, feel free to read our guest book to view what others are saying about our line of dogs.       

I encourage you to click on the beagle icon below and read; The Forgotten Traits Of A Hunting Beagle.



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